Biography. Beautiful Bad Girl, The Vicki Morgan Story

Biography, Non-Fiction
Beautiful Bad Girl helps define the more exotic sexual mores of the eighties.
Fiction, Action Adventure, Romance, Murder Mystery
The Cuban Quartet, is an international romantic mystery, seeded on the rumors and legends surrounding missing mob money when Castro marched into Havana.
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My Roman a' Clef about my experiences working for the gentleman largely responsible for uncovering Chinese Espionage Networks in the United States.
The Blood Orange, a hard-edged romantic mystery thriller in upscale modern day Los Angeles, is a story of transition and transcendence, a quest for a treasure and a search for the soul. Former cop, Max Brodie, returns to his native California as a grisly murder sets in motion a deadly conflict among the rich and notorious. Old Bandit's treasure and the romance of Spanish California are inextricably woven into a grand scheme of duplicity and intrigue where powerful factions are pitted against each other in the deadliest game of all. With the help of his childhood friend, Lee Jonas, and the beautiful and mysterious Juliette Darcy, Max must uncover a vast puzzle, sorting out the realities of an old California legend from the illusory landscape of modern LA. As is often the case in the City of Angels, nothing is what it appears to be. And everything is up for grabs.
Science Fiction Western Fantasy Novel

The Constant Travellers

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