Minstrel’s Alley to Reduce eBook Price of The Guys Who Spied for China

February 21, 2013

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Minstrel’s Alley announced it was reducing the price of its eBook of The Guys Who Spied for China. The Los Angeles based media group has claimed the subject matter is so important to the American public, that to encourage a wider readership, it is reducing the cost of the book. As occurrences of Chinese Espionage and Cyberattacks are on the increase, the publisher believes that readers should be informed of the genesis of this expanding threat.
The Guys Who Spied for China is written by author Gordon Basichis. It is a roman a clef, based on Basichis’ offbeat experiences in working to uncover Chinese Espionage Networks in the United States during the eighties and nineties. The book describes the origins of the Chinese Spy Rings, how they were established and how they were expanded over the years.
“Every day there are news headlines depicting yet another incident of China sponsored espionage or cyberattacks against the American government and corporate interests,” said Minstrel’s Alley publisher, M.J. Hammond. “American traitors and Chinese nationals are arrested on a regular basis for military and industrial espionage. There is the persistent occurrence of Cyber-Thievery originating from the Chinese government and specifically certain Chinese military units.”
Hammond noted that Gordon Basichis’ novel tells the story of how it all began and the attempts that were made to suppress Chinese spying efforts in the United States. “This is not your typical spy novel,” said Hammond. “It is a quirky and intimate novel that is often darkly humorous. It is character based. Women enjoy reading it as well as men.
“The Guys Who Spied for China was a quarter-finalist in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest,” said Hammond. “I believe there was some bias when the book was first published. While the book was well reviewed, there were detractors who didn’t believe that these events were actually happening. Well, now we know better, don’t we? The spies are not only targeting the American government, but corporate interest as well. The Chinese government must realize this story has credibility because this book has been banned in China.”
Hammond pointed out that with such blaring headlines from the Associated Press as U.S. Ready to Strike Back Against China Cyberattacks, it is time for readers to learn about Gordon Basichis and his novel, The Guys Who Spied for China. Minstrel’s Alley will be temporarily reducing the price of the book to $4.99. There is also a paperback edition of the novel.
“With the Chinese government expanding its military and compounding both espionage efforts and cyberattacks against the United States, there is no better time for curious readers to looking into a book like this. Besides being informative, this story is some kind of ride.
Background: Minstrel’s Alley is a Los Angeles based independent publisher that seeks to bring adventure back into the publishing industry by publishing books that have popular appeal but with more complexity than the standard mainstream fare. The new publishing group distributes its books through Amazon, Kindle, and assorted Internet outlets as well as through bookstores around the country. You can view Minstrel’s Alley at http://www.minstrelsalley.com

August 20, 2009

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