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The Constant Travellers


In the West that never was and the world that always is, a young outlaw and an Indian shaman venture on one mind-bending journey into the mystic. Space and time dissolve around them, and wild characters come and go as the heroes discover in life there are no accidents, just destiny, with all its humor, romance, violence and passion.


*****Destiny in the Desert, April 3, 2002

Reviewer: A reader from West Hollywood, CA

This is one of the more original novels I've read in quite a while. Space and time are broken into fragments in this hilarious new age western, as a young gunfighter and a Native American shaman meet in the desert. As they venture into the future they review their pasts, only to discover their lives have always been intertwined by fate and destiny. The author, Gordon Basichis, blends mystical occurences with the best and worst of the human condition. The results are charming and intimate, and often outrageous, as a most original host of characters wanders in and out of the story. For those used to reading more serious metaphysical novels, this is a welcome respite.

***** How the West Was Fun -- A New Age comedy, March 18, 2002

Reviewer: A reader from Southern California

This book, published some years ago and now in reprint, is one of the great New Age comedies. It is wildly ahead of its time!
I loved the characters, the humor, and the profound insight into the human condition that one rarely sees in literature today. Shelby Lopez, his Indian shaman/friend Thunderbird Hawkins, the smart and sexy Lemon Lime, and the host of other memorable characters loom larger than life as they wander in and out of this tale. At once funny, romantic, violent, and deeply philosophical, the author asserts there are neither coincidences nor chance meetings in the world, but predestined encounters dictated by fate. I couldn't put the book down, and when I finally finished the story continues to stay with me as I see its little truths appear before me in modern day life.

If there truly are no accidents, then my finding this jewel of a book must have been a minor act of fate.